Yasmin’s work typically explores the expression of dualities and cultural controversy.

Yasmin most recently worked on a series of drawings of Lamu, Kenya where she was invited to stay at the residence of Lisson Gallery founder, Nicholas Logsdail.

Other projects also inspired by Lamu  include ‘To the Seafront’ (2014/2015), a video projection mapped onto old pieces of dhow sail that she purchased in Lamu, Kenya. Exhibited at Malja, Bahrain, the work is suggestive of nostalgia for ‘old’ Bahrain, generated through firsthand experiences and documentation of parts of the old town of Lamu.

‘Fence’ (2014), is an installation of a cement wall and strip of mirror that reflects the sky before it, causing it to appear shorter on one side than the other. The work is suggestive of the Palestinian Separation Wall and speaks of the illusion of truth in politics. ‘Fence’ was presented alongside her photography series, ‘The Geometry of Reason’ (2011-2013), at Duke University, North Carolina, USA by Amal Khalaf (Serpentine Curator) in 2013. ‘The Geometry of Reason’ mirrors and distorts images of political graffiti in Bahrain, resulting in geometric patterns often with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic attributes.

Recently, Yasmin has been experimenting with designing costumes, festival wear and unique pieces of clothing based on her desire to combine unique fabrics sourced in Bahrain Souq as a statement about cross cultural traditional wear.

Yasmin completed her MA in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London in 2006. Prior to that she completed her BA in Studio Art/ Art History with a Minor in Psychology from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada in 2004.

Portfolio of Yasmin’s work