Latifa Al Shakar

Latifa Al Shakar

Born in 1987 in Bahrain, Latifa Al Shakar studied at the London College of Communication and completed her BA at London Southbank University in 2010. She undertook various courses including Darkroom Photography at Parsons School of Art and Design, New York (2007) and was one of 13 photographers selected for New York’s International Centre of Photography’s, ‘Art of the Photo Essay’ 2012. Her photography has since documented her travels to specific places- focusing on people and subcultures impacted by current social and political conditions.

This exhibition presented imagery of her documentation of 5 particular cities- Cairo, London, Beirut, New York and Bahrain- between 2007 to 2012. In turn, we are given insight into Latifa’s impression of these places and her observation of the similarities between the cultures and people. In doing so, her work echoes concepts that exist beyond borders, regardless of nationality, and of the social and political systems that are relevant to and affect all of us.

Latifa Al Shakar’s exhibition was a collaboration with Stafford & Sharabi.

Cairo: After the Revolution.


In April 2011, Latifa visited Cairo, documenting the people and the city. In this series of images, we gain a sense of the sentiment of people and the city post-revolution.

London: Brian Haw and ‘Friend’


Brian William Haw (1949 – 2011) was an English protester and peace campaigner who from 2001-2011 lived in a peace camp in London’s Parliament Square in protest against UK and US foreign policy. He became a symbol of the anti-war movement over the policies of these two countries and the injustices of the wars in Afghanistan and later Iraq. In 2008, Latifa documented Haw and Parliament Square over a period of approximately 6 months, paying homage to a political figure that inspired many.

Beirut: Refugee Status

2007- 2011

During visits to Beirut over a period of 5 years, Latifa documented the Shatila refugee camp. Located in Southern Beirut, Shatila is ‘home’ to more than 10,000 Palestinian refugees and since the Syrian Civil War, the camp has received over 10,000 Syrians refugees. As of 2014, its population is said to be at an estimated 22,000.

New York: “Occupy Wall Street”


The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest movement began in September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City’s Financial District and received global attention. In 2012, as part of her project for the International Centre of Photography’s ‘Art of the Photo Essay’, Latifa documented the protest focusing on various prominent political figures including, Randolph A ‘Randy’ Credico. Credico, political candidate, comedian and activist, ran as Democratic primary challenger in the Senate (2010) and was supported by several actors and comedians including Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. In 2013, Credico was Democratic nominee for Mayor of New York City.

Bahrain: Budaiya, Muharraq

2007- 2012

In this series of photos of Bahrain, we are presented with scenes of Muharraq and Budaiya and of the structures and places that hold secrets and stories that suggest a sense of nostalgia, of reminiscing for a time past, and of places that reverberate with secrets and stories that have continued into the present.

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