The Feuding Shamal: War is Peace!

The Feuding Shamal: War is Peace! Is a continuation of an epic adventure that is set in both modern day Bahrain as well as in the Pre-Dilmun era. The two main protagonists are Dr Lorna Carse, an archaeologist, and the resurrected figure ‘Shamal’. They are both, in their own way, searching for answers as to why physics and the Laws- of- Nature have been turned upside-down in present day Bahrain. Dr Lorna Carse uses the help of science, whereas Shamal employs his bizarre and extraordinary powers to investigate these strange happenings.

A fantastical and fictional tale, set in Bahrain, the Shamal comic trilogy is the first of its kind in the Gulf region. Upon moving to Bahrain, Thackray was inspired by the rich heritage, culture, traditions and history of the country and felt that that when juxtaposed against the burgeoning landscape, those attributes provided the perfect backdrop for her story. Chapter 1, ‘The Awakening of Shamal: No Time To Waste!’ was published in February this year. Chapter 3 will be published in April 2015.

Born and raised in South Africa, Anna Leanda Thackray completed her B.A (Hons) Fine Art Degree at the Winchester School of Art, Southampton University, UK in 2006. She moved to Bahrain in 2008 and has since then has continued to develop her diverse body of work that focuses on illustration, painting and drawing.