The Generous Light Co. Presents Chamkana

On Thursday 22nd January 2014, the Generous Light Company, established by entrepreneur Noora Al Zain and Artist Karima Sharabi, was launched at a stunning private residence in Janabiya. At the launch, the Generous Light Company presented their first jewelry line Chamkana, a collection of 12 calligraphic spiritual symbols beautifully designed as 24 kt gold plated jewellery.

American Bahraini Karima Sharabi, studied Art and Design at Parsons School of Art and Design, New York before transferring to McGill University, Montreal where she completed her BA in Political Science. Years of studying and practicing various spiritual teachings, inspired her calligraphic emblems, some of which are the designs for Chamkana. When asked about the symbolic nature of the collection she said,

 “Chamkana, literally translating to ‘radiate’ in Hindi, introduces emblems representing humanity’s potential for peace and enlightenment. After seeing my calligraphy illustrations, Noora approached me as she felt that they would translate beautifully into jewelry, because of the design itself but also because of the message that each piece imparts. We selected twelve symbols to make into jewelry- symbols of love, forgiveness, self-awareness, inner peace and non-judgment. We are so thrilled with the response from the public as we truly believe in the energy of this language which also reflects the philosophy of the Generous Light Company.”

Born and raised in Bahrain, Noora Al Zain studied Graphic and Communication design at the University of Leeds. Upon returning to Bahrain, she began working for her family run company, world-renowned Al Zain Jewelers. Her experience at Al Zain allowed her to further hone her skills and knowledge of the jewelry business and she is now creative director of Zain Jewelers. When asked about the Generous Light Company and her thoughts and vision for the future, Noora Al Zain said,

“The Generous Light Company (TGLC) believe in viable, sustainable and ethical business practice with the aim of supporting commercial organisations that reflect our values. By investing in and encouraging the development of commercial ventures that practice fair trade, support charitable causes and encourage the creative community, the totality of the brands that we represent, form the company itself. In essence, we offer a new way of thinking about commercial business and merchandise- our view is holistic and our business model in inspired by a collective consciousness. Our products are cross-cultural, and speak of interconnectedness. Upon acquiring an item that we promote, the buyer is in turn supporting our ideals of love, spirituality, peace and unity, and they become the messenger, spreading the Generous Light.

The Generous Light Company represents ideals of love, spirituality, peace and unity and by collaborating with various creative entities to bring this together- we believe the message was just that. The stirring poetry recital and whirling performance by Khayal, inspiring live music by Majaz and Trio Aalaat and stunning visuals by Vuruz Vision really touched the visitors many of whom reiterated how they felt deeply moved by the event.