An initiative of the Bahrain Art Society, ‘Views’, celebrates the strength of diversity of artistic expression in Bahrain, through its carefully considered selection of over 50 local and international artists.

Organized in collaboration ArtBahrain, ‘Views’ will present a selection of work from the Bahrain Art Society, Al Riwaq Art Space, ArtBahrain and Al Bareh Art Gallery- each of whom have long played a pivotal role in the art scene in Bahrain.

The Bahrain Art Society, a non-profit Art society established in 1983, a pioneer of artistic expression in the Kingdom and a central figure in establishing a foundation for the artistic community; will present a carefully considered selection of work of 30 established local artists who have long practiced in Bahrain and who have exhibited internationally over the past 3 decades. The Bahrain Art Society spearheaded international awareness of art and creative expression within the kingdom, and has in many ways created opportunity for emerging artists to pursue an artistic career.

Al Riwaq Art Space, a non-profit art space dedicated to promoting local contemporary art and design and renowned for their commitment to supporting emerging artists, will present a specifically curated collection of work that exemplifies their longstanding vision. Al Riwaq will also present the Art Bahrain/Nest Art Prize, an initiative of H.E. Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and Al Riwaq Art Space. The first of its kind in the Kingdom, the prize has created a platform, impetus and opportunity for young artists to focus on their artistic career and has offered informal arts education through curatorial mentorship, collaboration and critique.

Al Bareh Art Gallery one of the most recognized galleries in the region, will exhibit a selection of established regional, modern and contemporary artists. Their selection is in a sense a tribute to Bahrain’s artistic diversity and the kingdoms role as a unique and longstanding cultural and creative hub. Exhibited artists include Nazar Yahya (Iraq), Modhir Ahmed (Iraq-Sweden), Seman Khawam (Lebanon), Resmi Al Kafaji (Iraq).

ArtBahrain, a nonprofit arts organization founded by H.E. Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa in 2010, and the main supporter of the event, will showcase a selection of international artists including Anne Senstad (Norway), Sookoon Ang (Singapore), Lido Rico (Spain) and Sebastien Bieniek (Germany).

‘Views’ aims to celebrate and exemplify the unique and diverse artistic community in Bahrain. Each of the participants- whether a gallery, society or non-profit organization, has played a pivotal, albeit distinct role in ensuring, supporting and maintaining a thriving and unique art community. ‘Views’ therefore speaks of the collaborative and the interconnected nature of Bahrain’s creative community, through the varying expressions of ideas, thoughts, concerns and perspectives.